Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recent events

I have been following another photographer's blog in the past several months. Ed Pingol is a FANTASTIC photographer based in San Franciso. He has an eye for composition and light that fascinates me. As I have studied his work, I have tried to use some of the technique in my own shooting. I had another opportunity this past week. Jessica & Guy were married in Safford, AZ around Mt. Graham and invited me to shoot their wedding. They are a terrific couple! Get a load of her boots! More of their wedding shots can be found here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So my day job is to sell real estate. Actually, commercially viable real estate. In todays market that can be a challenge. I have clients that look for land, homes, 4-plexes and other types of property. I even have a number of clients looking for mini-storage. Everyone is looking for a deal. And few of my clients are buying.
So, what does an out of work real estate agent do between clients? I clean out the mini-storage. Now I will admit, at first the mini-storage (MS for short) seemed like a rational idea. We (that is my wife, family and I) accumulate stuff....lots of stuff. Perhaps there is no room for the stuff, but its good stuff. Its MY stuff. Important stuff. 2 ft long fishing poles the grandkids might want to use. Accounts Receivable from 1999-2002. The stereo system pieced together and given to us by friends whose names I can't quite remember, except to say that I think they got divorced. Random pieces of particle board that closely resemble the shelves in the Master bedroom closet of our LAST house. Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving decorations, Oh so THAT's where those books went!

You get the idea.

Lots of important stuff. In storage for....get this....6 years.

Yep. Important, requisite, pertinent, useful stuff that we haven't used in 6 years.

Lemme do the math here... $70 per month x 72 months = 1 rather colossal waste of money.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to school....and the dogs.

Is it just me or is the Christmas/New Year's break just too long? Felt like summer this year. Kids couldn't wait to get back to school (judging by the sleepy eyes, groggy voices and general stumbling about) The dogs were happy though. Marty (the stupid one) and Roxy (the stuck up one) always go through the same routine in the morning. Once we eat and the kids are picking up backpacks, the dogs go nuts because they get to ride in the car on the way to school. Apparently this is the highlight of their day because they bounce all over the car and yap incessantly at the other kids through the car window. Once home they curl up in whatever room we happen to be occupying and go to sleep for a while. Now exactly WHY I think this information would be interesting to anyone else has yet to be determined...but I suppose that the requirement of a blog is to be regularly adding content. So there you go. Content added. Have a happy and prosperous beginning to your new year!

Friday, December 19, 2008

In case you were needing a good laugh...

truck driver forgets cargo door is open - Watch more Free Videos

Update: Christmas Letter Disclaimers by family members....


I spent a LOT of time this year writing the Christmas letter that we sent to our friends and family. I mean a LOT of time. I analyzed each family member and their personality and activities for the year and then I summarized as best I could.

Now, just so you understand, I firmly believe the adage that goes something like this:

"You should never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

I don't know who first said it, so I certainly can't attribute it....but I say it enough to be able to claim authorship by virtue of repetition. 'nuff said.

Anyway, the family is all up in arms because they didn't pay sufficient homage to my efforts sooner, and now they are all in a lather because I said this or that...I'm being burned in effigy by those who profess their endearing love in church...dang hypocrites. :)

OK, I may be taking a little poetic license here, but hey, its MY blog!
I may get around to actually posting the letter, if I get enough requests. However, if you actually FOUND this blog, its because of the shameless plug in the now infamous Christmas Letter you received to begin with.

Merry Christmas ....again!

Christmas 2008

So we sent out the Christmas letters along with this photo of the kids this year. I won't pretend to any consistency in this effort....I don't think we've sent photos or letters for a few years now.
I hope we still have friends in distant places.

I had a tough time allowing the free flow of my creative juices while putting the photo together. I was trying different formats, different print sizes, different backgrounds, color, black & white, vertical crop, horizontal crop....nothing was working. I guess I was trying to pack too much into a little 4x6 print...especially when it was to contain 6 kids. Then, to top it all off, after I was done printing out the 23,095 prints (yeah, we sent a lot of letters...OK, maybe not THAT many) Caitlin perked up and told me in a rather disgusted voice that I had misspelled her name...I can't catch a break.

I hope everyone appreciates the hours spent trying to perfect the end result.
OK, so even if that is a stretch, I'm glad I quit my messing with it and just did what you see here.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, without much forethought about the form, content, direction or destination this medium will allow, I determined to jump in the deep end and start a blog. Don't know how long it will go, how often I'll post or what the content will be, but I guess that's part of the discovery.

For now, "Greetings". Feel free to browse the images, leave comments or merrily click to another destination without leaving any trace you were ever here.

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